IAT884 – Course Work


  • Workshops 20% — 2% each for successful completion. Due dates will depend on when we get the kits to you. The first two weeks can be done without kits so they are due Friday noon the week of the studio (e.g. week 1 due January 15, noon).
  • Project Proposal Pass/Fail (iterate until pass) Due as per Schedule by email to aantle@sfu.ca.
  • Participation in seminars 20% — We will discuss in first week of class what this entails.
  • Prototype Demo and Video 25% — Live and video demonstrations of a working prototype. Due as per Schedule.
  • Paper 35% — IEEE or ACM conference style paper (and venue) addressing a current tangible computing research problem involving your prototype. Print and digital versions due as per Schedule (end of term).
  • Your final report will be written as an academic conference paper both in terms of content and style. Throughout the semester, you will read several journal and conference papers which should serve as models for your report.
    The format of your report must adhere to the Association for Computing Machinery standards for scholarly papers in conference proceedings. You can download the templates from [http://www.acm.org/sigs/pubs/proceed/template.html]. Pay particular attention to the Categories and Subject Descriptors and the format of the References per the Communications of the ACM standard. If you use Bib application software (e.g. Endnote, RefWorks, Zotera etc to manage your references, you can export these automatically and formatted correctly as you type your report in Microsoft Word. (or other word processor)