Previous Students

Min Fan

Assistant Professor, School of Animation and Digital Arts, Communication University of China

Exploring the Design of a Tangible System Supported for Learning to Read and Spell in At-Risk and EFL Children

Brendan Matkin (MA)

R&D Interaction Design Lead at Tangible Interaction

ʔeləw̓k̓ ʷ – Belongings: Embodied Cultural Values in Tangible Interaction Design (2018)


Randa Aljohani (PhD)


The Role of Action Videogame Training in Spatial Cognition: A Study of Training and Transfer Effect (2018)

Elgin-Skye Mclaren

Community Manager for Hubs at Mozilla

Co-Designing Neurofeedback Game Audio with Children (2020)

Ofir Sadka (MSc)

PhD student, Industrial Engineering and Management, Technion, Israeli Institute of Technology, in collaboration with the Media Innovation Lab (miLAB) at the Interdisciplinary Center, Israel.

A Review and Framework for Designing Interactive Technologies for Emotion Regulation Training (2

Iulian Radu (PhD)

Postdoctoral Researcher in Education at Harvard University

Exploring the Usability of Augmented-Reality Interaction Techniques during Children's Early Elementary-School Years (2016, Georgia Institute Technology)

Srilekha K Sridharan (MSc)

Mesh Developer at RightMesh

Learning to Relax and Attend: Investigating Methods to Analyze Neurofeedback Data from Nepalese Children’s Mind-Full Sessions (2017)

Francesco Cafaro (PhD)

Assistant Professor at School of Informatics and Computing at Indiana University

Using Framed Guessability to Design Gesture Suites for Embodied Interaction (2015, University of Illinois at Chicago)

Emily Cramer (MSc)

Software Engineer at Article

A Code of Many Colours: Rationale, Validation and Requirements for a Sound-Based Letter Colour-Code...Spelling Certain Words (2015)

Amanda Willis (MA)

Community Liaison Officer at Office of the Representative for Children and Youth

Examining Tools and Talk With Youtopia: Using Discourse Analysis to Reveal Design...With Tangibles (2015)

Aaron May (MA)

Web Developer at ITON

Eliciting User-Sourced Interaction Mappings for Body-Based Interfaces (2015)

Tess Tanenbaum (PhD)

Assistant Professor at University of California at Irvine

Identify Transformation and Agency in Digital Narratives and Story Based Games (2015)

Aaron Levisohn (PhD)

User Experience Designer at University of British Columbia

Tagging with Movement: Somatic Strategies for Digital Image Classification (2015)

Jillian Warren (MSc)

PhD Candiate at TECI

Exploring Context: Using Teacher Perspectives to Guild Tangible Multi-Touch Tabletop Design for Classrooms (2014)

Andrew Milne (MSc)

Facility Manager at CannTx Life Sciences

What Makes a Maker: Common Attitudes, Habits and Skills from the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Community (2014)



Ying Deng (MSc)

Product Designer at Lendesk

Tango Cards: A Card-based Design Tool for Informing the Design of Tangible Learning Games (2014)

Salvar Sigurdarson (MSc)

Product Manager & Lead UX Designer at Vorexa

The Influence of Visual Structure and Physical Motion Cues on Spatial Orientation in a Virtual Reality Point-to-origin Task (2014)

Mengting Sun (MSc)

Software Developer at Delta Controls Inc.

Exploring Aesthetic Visualization for Promoting Consumer Energy Conservation (2014)

Serena Hillman (PhD)

Senior UX Researcher at SMART Technologies

Social Issues, Behaviours and Routines of Ubi-Commerce Users in North America (2014)

Anna Macaranas (MSc)

Digital Strategist and Service Designer at  Digitalist Group & Network

The Effects of Intuitive Interaction Mappings on the Usability of Body-based Interfaces (2013)

Karen Tanenbaum (PhD)

Project Scientist at University of California at Irvine

User Perceptions of Adaptivity in Ubiquitous Systems: A Critical Exploration (2012)

Allen Bevans (MSc)

User Researcher at Google

Investigating the Effects of Bimanual Multitouch Interaction on Creativity (2011)

Katie Seaborn (MSc)

Postdoctoral Research Associate at University College London

A Guiding Hand: Augmenting Novice Gameplay with Haptic Feedforward (2011)

Hector Larios (PhD)

Researcher at Contract/Consulting

Gender Differences in Virtual Route Learning (2011)

Sara Grimes (PhD)

Associate Professor at University of Toronto

The Digital Child at Play: How technological, Political and Commercial Rule Systems Shape Children's Play in Virtual Worlds (2010, Communications, SFU)

Sijie Wang (MSc)

User Experience Designer at Google

Comparing Tangible and Multi-touch Interfaces for a Spatial Problem Solving Task (2010)

Lesley (Zhen) Xie (MSc)

Senior UX Lead at EasyMarkit

Comparing Children's Enjoyment and Engagement Using Physical, Graphical and Tangible User Interfaces (2009)

Kristine Nielsen (MA)

Learning Developer at BC Public Service

Towards Utopia: The Role of Ambient Sound in Children's Tangible Interaction with a Sustainability Tool (2009)

Min Fan (PhD)

Postdoctoral Researcher at Simon Fraser University

Exploring the Design of a Tangible Reading System Supported for Learning to Read and Spell in At-Risk and EFL Children (2017)

Jacob Freiberg (MSc)

Designer at Arch

Experience Before Construction: An Immersive Virtual Reality Design Tool for Architectural Practice (2015)

Boxiao Gong

Uddipana Baishya (MSc)


IdeaBits: Tangible Design Tool to Aid Idea Generation for Tangible User Interface Input Actions (2020)

Victor Cheung (Post-doc)

Postdoctoral Researcher at Simon Fraser University

Increasing Passersby Engagement with Public Large Interactive Surfaces (2016, PhD from University of Waterloo)

John Ordoyo

Amy Guo

Madison Gara