IAT834 – Course Work


  • Participation 15% – this includes weekly preparation of readings, assigned preparation tasks, timely completion of assignments and contribution in and out of class.
  • Presentation on analysis of design research oriented articles 20% — done in pairs and following these guidelines.
  • Quiz 15% – near the end of the course.
  • Research Design (Proposal) 50% – this will consist of a series of weekly assignments which will be handed in, reviewed by peers and/or the instructor and handed back the following week. The revised, collated version of these assignments will constritute the final deliverable of a research design proposal which will be due at the end of term. You will only be marked on the final product, not on the weekly deliverables. Thus, you can get feedback from the instructor and peers through in-class discussions and weekly critiques without concern for grades. What a good idea!