IAT804 – Resources

Required Textbooks

  • “Research Design:  Qualitative, Quantitative & Mixed Methods Approaches” (2014/2018) by John W Creswell; 4th/5th Editions; SAGE Publications
    ISBN: 9781452226101
  • “Ways of Knowing in HCI" (2014) by Judith S. Olson and Wendy A. Kellogg (editors), Springer. ISBN: 9781493903771

Recommended Textbooks

  • “Qualitative Inquiry & Research Design:  Choosing Among Five Approaches” (2017) by John W Cresswell; 4th Edition; SAGE. Publication ISBN: 9781506330204
  • “How to Design & Report Experiments” (2003) by A Field, G J Hole; 1st Edition; SAGE Publications". ISBN: 9780761973836
  • “Doing Psychology Experiments” (2007) by David W Martin; 7th Edition; Wadsworth Publishing". ISBN:  9780495115779
  • “Methods in Psychological Research” (2013) by A Evans, B Rooney; SAGE Publications. ISBN: 9781452261041

Recommended Readings

  • Rogers, Y. (2004). New theoretical approaches for human‐computer interaction. Annual review of information science and technology, 38(1), 87-143. pdf
  • Neustaedter, C., & Sengers, P. (2012, June). Autobiographical design in HCI research: designing and learning through use-it-yourself. In Proceedings of the Designing Interactive Systems Conference (pp. 514-523). pdf