How to Participate in this IDC 2020 Full Day Workshop

When will the workshop take place?

June 18, 2020, full schedule to be announced.

What has changed as of April 20, 2020?

The workshop, along with the overall conference, will be moving ONLINE. The organizers have PUSHED THE SUBMISSION DATE BACK to May 10, 2020. Please send submissions and/or questions to Dr. Alissa Antle (aantle AT sfu DOT ca). Acceptance notifications will be delivered on May 12, 2020 and a camera ready version must be provided to the organizers by May 15, 2020.

Update on Registration for IDC 2020 workshop:

* Participants can register only for the workshop without having to register for the conference. Fee: $ 50

 * Students: Student registration in the conference is lowered to $100. This fee  includes workshop attendance under the condition that students have an accepted submission to the workshop.

Where can I learn more?

The increasing role of interactive technologies in children’s lives, poses critical ethical questions for the developers of these technologies. Despite many concerns, ethical guidance is largely lacking. This workshop brings together researchers, designers, psychologists, educators, and industry representatives who work with and for children and youth.

This one day workshop has the following goals:

  1. Bring forward and discuss cases that reveal new ethical challenges;
  2. Identify a research agenda to address gaps where  existing governance and guidance does not apply;
  3. Reveal the role cultural and philosophical perspectives play in developing guidance;
  4. Develop preliminary actionable guidance that focuses on emergent, situated and prospective guidance that can inform research practice; and
  5. Formalize a preliminary working group.


What do I submit?

Participants are invited to submit a 2 page position paper in the SIGCHI Extended Abstracts format. Papers should take the form of a mini-case study related to author experiences with workshop focus, themes and goals. Our themes provide inspiration for authors to think past longstanding ethical issues and to consider emergent and unique aspects of ethics in HCI for children. We welcome the suggestion of new themes in the position papers. We strongly urge workshop applicants to explicitly state their cultural and philosophical stance in their position paper.

Selected Participants for the IDC 2020 Full Day Workshop

Selected participants please prepare for workshop participation by visiting our  Workshop Preparation page.

List of participants to be announced.