IAT432 – AimBooster Study


Imagine that you have been asked by the company who designed AimBooster that they want to evaluate various aspects in their game to see which are best for user targeting and selection. You will create an experimental design for the game.

Play around with AimBooster. Try the training mode and adjust the various options. There’s a gear icon in the top right corner that lets you adjust aspects such as crosshair border, color, type of crosshair, number of targets, etc.

Decide on what aspect of the interface you want to evaluate. It could be any of the settings you adjust or an input device. Think it through and come up with something that would be a good comparison.

Write out:

A Hypothesis

A Null Hypothesis

Independent Variables

Dependent Variables

Control Variables – Describe which confounds you are controlling and why

Confounds – Describe any confounds that you are unable to control

Plan the task or tasks that you will have users perform. Decide which users will perform which tasks (between subjects vs. within subjects) and what the ordering will be.

You will present your experimental design to the class.