IAT432 – Heuristic Evaluation Demo Materials


Here are helpful items for conducting a heuristic evaluation of an interface:

Nielsen’s Heuristics: a set of heuristics that you can use to assess the usability of an interface

Scoresheet: a scoresheet in an Excel file where you can fill in usability problems

Online Collaborative Scoresheet: the same scoresheet in Google Sheets

Example File for Microsoft Word Evaluation: try inserting the images in the document within the left margin (Image1, Image2)

Remote Activity: Done in your breakout working group. Prepare your online collaborative score sheet using google Sheets w/ each of your team members as an “expert”.  Individually or as a group review all the Heuristics. Then each of you is to work with the Microsoft Word document to try and insert the two images within the left margin — and assess each heuristic during this process. Record your notes in the collaborative Google Sheet. When you are done (about 45 minutes), meet with your team and discuss the most important design recommendations to improve this site based on your data. Be prepared to come back to the whole class to share your top 3 changes with justification grounded in your heuristic evaluation data. Be prepared to also share what you found confusing or challenging and/or useful about this method of evaluation.