Revealing and Weaving the Threads: Ethics in HCI for the M2 Generation — CHI 2019 Workshop (under review)


The increasing role of interactive technologies in young people’s lives poses critical ethical questions for the developers of these technologies. Despite many concerns, ethical guidance is largely lacking. This workshop brings together researchers, designers, psychologists, educators, and industry representatives who work with and for children and youth. In this one day workshop we will work with this diverse group to share, discuss, explore, and analyze current ethical issues facing the field. Workshop activities will include: identifying and prioritizing issues that need to be addressed; revealing different cultural and philosophical perspectives that act as lenses to view these issues; and, reviewing governance and best practices from other disciplines that might apply. Workshop outcomes will include the weaving together of these threads to create preliminary ethical guidance – both situated and anticipatory – that can act as a preliminary foundation for culturally-sensitive community norms.