Project Overview

Youtopia is a hybrid tangible and multi-touch land use planning activity for elementary school aged children implemented on a Pixelsense Surface tabletop. Youtopia was developed to investigate issues surrounding how to design and evaluate children’s collaborative learning applications using digital tabletops. In particular we are looking at how the interface design supports in depth discussion and negotiation between pairs of children around issues in sustainable development. Youtopia was also developed around a model of behavior change called “Emergent Dialogue" that may enable children to discuss how they own values, attitudes and behaviors impact sustainable living.


  • Dr. Alissa N. Antle: Project Lead
  • Dr. Alyssa Wise [Dept Education]: Project Co-Lead

Graduate Students

  • Amanda Willis: Learning Designer
  • Min(Michelle) Fan: Usability Researcher
  • Jillian Warren: User Experience Researcher
  • Allen Bevans: Design and Technical Support
  • Aaron May: Wheels and User Experience Researcher

Undergraduate Students

  • Saba Nowroozi (SIAT Undergraduate Research Scholarship): Interaction Design
  • Perry: Program
  • Rachael Eckersley (FCAT Undergrad Fellowship): Art


  • Anna Macaranas: Project Manager