Prospective Students

Update for 2023 Admission under Dr. Antle’s supervision

The TECI Lab admission cycle has begun for Fall 2023 (September). Positions are highly competitive based on academic fit, course grades (accepted students typically have a GPA above 3.8/4), peer-reviewed publications, prior research or design experience and the quality of the institutions of your previous degrees. If you meet these requirements we welcome your inquiry! Please do not inquire if this is not the case.

Masters (research/thesis) applicants (2-year program) We are looking for 1-2 new research Masters students. You have a recent bachelor’s degree from fields including computer science, computer engineering, human-computer interaction, cognitive systems, cognitive science, neuroscience, child psychology, learning sciences, educational technology, interaction design, UX design, graphical design, industrial design and/or sound design and an upper-division GPA above 3.75/4. Co-authoring one or more peer-reviewed papers based on research and/or design and/or programming contributions to research projects is beneficial.

PhD (research/thesis) applicants (3-4 year program). We are looking for 1-2 new PhD students. You have completed a research-oriented master’s degree or a design-oriented master’s degree with evidence of empirical research experience in one of Dr. Antle’s research areas and have a GPA above 3.75/4. You have published one or more peer-reviewed papers as lead author or leading co-author in high-quality venues (e.g. ACM, IEEE, Q1 journals in HCI or related fields). Your research interests align with Dr. Antle’s areas of expertise.

A Post-doc position is available starting in September 2023 for an individual with a PhD in child-computer interaction and experience conducting research directly with children in mental health, socio-emotional learning, literacy, critical making and/or co-design and mixed methods evaluations, and authorship on several high-quality peer-reviewed publications.

All positions are fully funded at Canadian research council levels. If you bring funding with you, that’s even better!

Multiple Undergraduate volunteer positions are available for Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 for individuals interested in VR development and co-design research with youth. Previous experience is preferred, but not mandatory! See our project page for more information. The lab is an ideal fit for undergraduates who want to gain research experience and/or VR development skills with Unity, and are interested in psychology or working with teens. Time commitment is at least 6 hours per week. Please email Dr. Alexandra Kitson ( with your CV and a one-page cover letter describing your interest in volunteering and what you hope to gain from the experience.

How to apply

Interested and qualified applicants for non-volunteer positions should first email Dr. Antle ( to discuss their application before applying directly to the School of Interactive Arts and Technology (SIAT) Graduate Program at Simon Fraser University (SFU). See details on our Graduate Program.

After a preliminary discussion with Dr. Antle and an invitation to apply, your follow-up email should include the following six items (failure to include one or more will mean your email does not get a reply):

  1. a description of research interests related to the lab’s existing research
  2. a curriculum vitae
  3. a copy of your unofficial transcript (minimum cGPA 3.75, prefer 3.8+ UD GPA)
  4. a sample of your written work directly related to research (all applicants, prefer peer-reviewed publications)
  5. TOEFL (scores 115+) or IELTS (scores 8.5+) for ESL students
  6. a 1-2 page summary of your master’s thesis research methodology (PhD applicants only)
  7. your favourite children’s digital media application with a short explanation of what you like about it [500 words max]

After a positive indication to apply from Dr. Antle, you must still apply directly to SIAT (