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Youtopia: Collaborative Tangible Learning

Funded by GRAND NCE



How to Play Youtopia

Youtopia: Research Design

Youtopia: Learning through Emergent Dialogue Preliminary Results


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Dr. Alissa N. Antle: Project Lead

Dr. Alyssa Wise [Dept Education]: Project Co-Lead

Graduate Students

  • Amanda Willis: Learning Designer
  • Min(Michelle) Fan: Usability Researcher
  • Jillian Warren: User Experience Researcher
  • Allen Bevans: Design and Technical Support
  • Aaron May: Wheels and User Experience Researcher

Undergraduate Students

  • Saba Nowroozi (SIAT Undergraduate Research Scholarship): Interaction Design
  • Perry: Program
  • Rachael Eckersley (FCAT Undergrad Fellowship): Art


  • Anna Macaranas: Project Manager


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